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Choosing a good quality budget hotel in cebu philippines

Many Travelers have been asking for a long time. Visiting Cebu City and Finding a good budget hotel

Cebu City


Cebu city has emerged as one of the fastest and popular growing business hubs in Philippines. This Year for Hospitality Industry a good tips According to Southpole Central Hotel Both foreigners and local travelers plan travel to the city to attend business meeting and conferences. Apart from this, tourists also come to the city to experience beauty of beaches and see various destinations. No matter for what purpose an individual is planning his travel, it is essential for him to make right choice of hotel which meets his requirement and also fits well within the budget. In order to help people make right choice of budget hotels we have brought forth certain tips which can be followed.2

  1. Set your expectations: The first and foremost thing to work on is your expectations. Decide the amount of money you wish to spend on the hotel, what kind of amenities you are looking forward to etc. If these questions are addressed well in time then you can probably move ahead to search hotel for your stay in the city.
  2. Start your search: Once you have the picture of perfect hotel in your mind, then it is the right time for you to begin searching for it. One of the best ways of looking for hotel is through internet. Internet can provide you adequate information about hotels, its amenities, location and also description thus helping you to make an informed decision.


  1. Go through customer reviews: Don’t forget customer reviews can provide you insight into the hotel which hotel website won’t be able to provide. These reviews are direct from the mouth of customers which contains their feedback and experience about the hotel. Hence going through these reviews can help you get aware of real time facts and then take decision of the hotel. If reviews are positive one can be sure and confident that their choice is among st the famous hotel in Cebu.
  2. Location of the hotel: Another essential thing to keep in mind along with budget is the location of hotel. Foreigners or tourists travelling the city to experience its beauty would prefer putting up in mountains or down the beach. On the contrary for businessmen, they would prefer putting up in hotel that is located in the heart of city and is easily access to all the major locations.
  3. Licensed hotels: While other aspects of choosing hotel play an important role, also don’t forget to check if the hotel is licensed to carry on the operations. This means that hotel should have permit from Cebu City Mayor’s office and Cebu city tourism commission to carry on hotel business.

Licensed hotels

  1. Quality of services: No matter what kind of hotel you choose, quality is something I am sure you would never like to compromise on to. While finalizing a hotel according to your budget, make sure to check if quality and services offered by them is in accordance to your expectations. There is no point finalizing a hotel which is within your budget but is not able to meet your expectations in terms of quality.

Following tips mentioned above can be of great help to both tourists and business travelers to make choice among st famous hotel in Cebu and have a comfortable stay in the city.

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