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Establishing Relationships with Clients

Establishing Relationships

We often hear the adage that business is all about relationships and it is true. Whether it is the relationships between coworkers, colleagues or even between company representatives and clients or customers-a company is only as successful as its relationships.

This is the reason that learning how to establish, build and maintain those client relationships is so important for just about anyone who comes in contact with the public.

It is also the reason that those who do the work, should be allowed to establish relationships with the clients or customers they work with and for.

Let us consider what happens when a customer brings her car into a local establishment for maintenance. Perhaps she only gets to talk to the receptionist. She drops off the car and then comes back, pays for the service and picks it up.

Unless she as a personal relationship with the receptionist, how connected do you think that customers feels to the people who actually did the work on her car?

If she is encouraged and allowed to talk to the actual mechanic; if that mechanic comes out and tells and shows her what work was done, the customer and the mechanic are now establishing a relationship. In fact, the customer may now have a relationship with both the receptionist/counter person AND the mechanic.

Can you see how the connection to the service provider and company is strengthened?

Establishing and maintaining client

Establishing and maintaining client and customer relations gives employees the opportunity to be even more invested in their work and to represent the company and its products and services.

This builds commitment by the employee, but it also gives clients and customers actual human beings to be connected to instead of simply a corporate image or an idea and this builds customer or client loyalty.

Employees build important skills as they learn to interact with a variety of different individuals and they may also gain important feedback to help improve service delivery. Allowing everyone who needs to access to clients and customers gives the company broader appeal and takes advantage of all the ways that strong relationships make for strong businesses and company organizations.

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