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Creation of highest priced headphones in the world

Creation of highest priced headphones in the world

Highest Priced Headphones

Headphones are devices placed in or over the ears used for listening to desired music or sound. Unlike headsets headphones doesn’t contain only speakers. Headphones are of three types, as, circumpolar headphones, supra-aural headphones, earbud headphones. Some highest priced headphones are listed below.

  1. Diamond studded beats by Dr.Dre: This headphone is the most expensive one and mostly liked by the celebrities. It is made up of diamonds and rubies and price is $1000000.
  2. Sennheiser Orpheus HE90: It is not a regular headphone. It is sold with a HEV90 energizer built in DAC. Electrostatic technology is used here.
  3. Audio-Technica ATH-W5000: It is an expensive headphone. It is trendy, modern, with best audio quality. It is designed with magnesium-alloy frame and oxygen-free copper voice coils. Price is around $1,200.
  4. JH Audio JH16 Pro: It is so designed as it fit anyone’s ear very easily. But this headphone needs ear mold which is an extra cost to the buyer. Thus the headphone costs $1,149 and the price of ear molds.
  5. HiFiMan HE-6: The best features of this headphone which makes it famous in the lot are it has open-back design and planar magnetic structure. Its price is $1,299.
  6. Beyerdynamic T1: These headphones also have open-back feature. This is equipped with traditional drivers. The technology it used is known as tesla-based technology which provides a clear and powerful sound. This headphone is light in weight and efficient. It costs like $1,399.
  7. HeadphonesSennheiser HD800: This headphone is another creation of Sennheiser. It provides spatial & natural sound to the user. It is handcrafted in Germany. It costs to $1,500.
  8. Grado PS1000: It is a classic piece of headphone. Like other headphones this headphone is not concentrated upon headphone’s decoration, rather it concentrates upon its sound technology and quality. Thus it creates an awesome appearances to the user. It priced as $1,695.
  9. Audeze LCD-3: It has great features as open-back headphones, planar magnetic drivers and tight bass. It is a high-end portable listening technology. It is priced as $1,945.
  10. Stax SR-009: This headphone is not intricate with gold or silver. It is very expensive one and also exerts best quality sound. It is priced as $4,450.
  11. Color illusion beats by Dre Dre- coming at a cost of $ 1000, color ware where you can go on to design as well as customize your own head sets. The changing effects are modified according to the headphones of the creating angles.
  12. Crystal rocked studio beats– this is a pair of beat which goes on to spot a black mirrored finish and the logo of B is embedded with crystals of Swarovski. It is priced at $ 1575.
  13. Crystal rock- If you are on the lookout for 24 carat gold without the crystals then this has to be it. The best part about this headset is it is covered with limited edition pair of beats


These are some of the highest priced headphones in the world.

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