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Keyword Research Tool Comparison

As many already know, keyword research is a crucial part of a website’s viability and long-term success.  At least, where search engines are concerned.  While keyword research itself is important — just as important, if not more important, is knowing how to extract the right information while you’re researching a particular keyword or a keyword market.  While you can understand the importance of keyword research, and then act upon that knowledge, it is possible to misuse the keyword research data, and actually end up hurting yourself, and your website.

Separating truth from fiction

For any keyword research tool that relies on real-time, or compiled, search queries, there is a real possibility that auto-generated queries are going to show up in those results. These “auto-generated queries” can skew the results of your keyword research, and may potentially give you false information. Now, these false positives, or even false results, won’t affect savvy keyword researchers, but they could hurt the new-to-the-game keyword researcher.

We don’t mean to alarm you here, though.  Any such abnormalities, or “skewed results” generally present themselves as obscure, long-tail keywords anyway, but it’s important to know that just because a keyword research tool gives you some data, this doesn’t inherently mean that it’s accurate and that you should act on it.

Keyword Research

Know what keyword research really is

One of the most fundamental misunderstandings of what keyword research sometimes causes the most damage for website owners who perform their own keyword research services.  Most keyword research tools offer a relative gauge of the search marketing landscape — keyword research results are not typically meant to be absolutes.

For many keyword tools, particularly the free keyword tools that are available online, they are made to be used as comparison tools.  By viewing keyword research this way, as a type of comparison tool, you will have a more accurate picture of your keyword market, and it can help you to identify the best approach for your SEO and marketing campaigns.  In other words, comparison keyword research is much more robust, and accurate, than relying on the estimated search volume for a particular keyword alone.

Keyword Research For SEO Beginners

Know the difference between “information” keywords and “buying” keywords

If you’re running a for-profit website, one of the most important aspects of your keyword research is that you work to target keywords that will bring in buyers, not just browsers.  Sure, people looking for information sometimes will buy, but the foundation of your website’s search engine optimization and marketing keywords should be built to attract buyers.

If your website’s on-page optimization, and off-page marketing strategies, focus on “information-sharing” keywords and phrases, that is going to affect your conversions and overall profitability. While it’s important to incorporate excellent information on your website, and thus may necessitate a measure of information-focused key phrases, just know that if you aspire to make money with your website, your keyword list should reflect this.

How User Intent Drives Keyword Research

While keyword research is a necessary part of maintaining a successful website today, and many site owners would benefit from learning how to perform keyword research themselves, it’s important that you conduct your keyword research correctly.   If you’re new to the game, you might want to consider hiring a keyword research service to help you out initially, so that you can see how it’s done, and you can hopefully pick up a few cues so that you avoid the dangers of improper keyword research yourself.

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