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Tips About Keyword Anchor Text

Keyword Anchor Text

We all know how we name many of our pages. I’m referring to pages we create to do well for a particular keyphrase.

Let’s say our keyword is.

Let say you have a page name http://www.chambersagency.net/amazon-keyword-search/

Many people would only try to create blog posts using “Amazon Keyword Search” as their keyword anchor text (the text that is underlined in your blog post).

Now, what is wrong with that? Well, a couple of things. If you use any of the traditional keyword research tools you often see many keyphrases such as this, and I’m referring to phrases that really aren’t correct English.

Now here’s a headache. If you were to pay someone to write the above post or even if you write it yourself. You are trying to work a non-human friendly phrase into a post. You may say, “But the keyword research tools tell me this is how people are searching,” and while there may be truth in that statement, what that machine is not telling you is that this is not what Google’s spiders are looking for.

Anchor text distribution

Google tries to detect natural language patterns. If you are using the above phrase in a blog post, it simply is not going to look like it was meant for humans.

People are so attached to having Keyword Anchor Text match exactly what keyword tools tell them they should be using that they are in fact leaving a giant footprint for Google and other search engines that you are ‘over optimizing.’ If you ever read any of the SEO forums, I’m sure you’ve seen people discuss this.

What I’m trying to say is that whether you have other people write your blog posts for you or you are writing the posts yourself, make certain the keywords are used naturally.

For example, the above phrase should be ‘Amazon Keyword Search’ or ‘where to Amazon Keyword Search Tool’

What Is Anchor Text

What you perceive you are losing by not using the exact keyphrase you are more than making up for by using text that appeals to Google’s LSI (Latent Symantec Indexing) technology.

I’m sure you’ve seen sites generated where the navigation menu down the side has tons of these phrases. None of them are natural. These will stand out like a sore thumb to Google! As long as the main words you want to use as your keyword anchor text are PART of the actual anchor text you use you will be okay.

Not only will the blogs look more natural, but your post will also look more natural.

The key to victory will like you, and anyone who writes posts for you will be able to write a much better, more natural sounding post for you. While this might go against the grain of what you’ve been told to do or have been doing, I can assure you that it works.

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